The Site of Vernon D. Miller’s 1978 Photographs of the Shroud of Turin

About This Site

Photo Techniques

In 1978, Vernon Miller used Kodak film with specialized techniques to provide the best photographic outcome. Today these techniques are still used but only by a few as the digital age now dominates the photo industry. Some of these older photographic techniques used by Miller are cited in some of his brief notes and will be mentioned throughout the collection in the Background and Discussion in each of the sections. His notes on individual photos, if available, are included with the descriptive information (Image Details) of the photo and add valuable insight into how some of the photos were made.

All the photos of the entire collection can be enlarged (magnified) using a slider, etc. provided at the base of each photo. Many photos can be enlarged enough to easily examine the weave of the cloth. This is especially true for the larger black and white 8 x 10 films and the color 8 x 10 transparencies. Moreover, each photo can be downloaded and printed at 300 dpi resulting in a quality picture. The intention is to have these beautiful photographs of the Shroud of Turin available to the public. (See License for Photos here.)

How This Site Is Organized

Quick Tour: It includes 21 photos that are accompanied by basic descriptive information to help those unfamiliar with the Shroud, better understand the blood marks and image of the cloth.

In-Depth Tour:  It includes Seven Sections that all begin with general information (Background and Discussion) concerning the photos included in each section. The photos are categorized by color, size, and image content. Each photo includes Image Description; each image can be magnified and each can be downloaded. (The opportunity of accessing photos from this website carries the obligation to follow the license agreement, which is shown at the bottom of each page.)

Found in all sections of the In-Depth Tour there is a full image called a Descriptive Photo, which is accompanied by an explanation of some of the major Shroud image marks. In sections 3 and 6 there is also the Grid for Location which helps to locate the position of smaller photos on the Shroud.

Gallery: It includes all of the photos of the website.

Index: It links the user to all of the photos by descriptive category.

Note: The definition of Positive and Negative in this website are unique regarding the image of the Man of the Shroud. Please go to Background including Website for more information.

Authors’ Note

“The astonishing image of the Man of the Shroud tells us much more than what is written here; the image itself expresses its own unique visual story. Even after 40 years (1978-2018) of scientific, medical, forensic, and scriptural study, the photographs still draw our minds into seeking to understand more. We hope that these images of the Shroud of Turin that Vernon Miller so beautifully captured through his lens will bring you the same joy that they have brought us.” – Tom D’Muhala and Gilbert R. Lavoie, M.D.

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