Photo Descriptions
Face & Chest, Positive & Negative

14 F Tu N_0185: Frontal Torso Upper NEGATIVE (B&W true) (F Tu N) [p. 10] (notches in film)
15 F Tu P_0187: Frontal Torso Upper POSITIVE (B&W true) (F Tu P) [p. 9]
16 F Tu N_0188: Frontal Torso Upper NEGATIVE reversal from original CPP Negative (F Tu N) [see 17 & 18] [p. 12]
17 F Tu P O_0189: Frontal Torso Upper POSITIVE original Negative CPP lighter (F Tu P O) [see 16 & 18] [p. 13]
18 F Tu P O_0190: Frontal Torso Upper POSITIVE Original Negative CPP darker (F Tu P O) [see 16 & 17] [p. 14]
22 F Tu N_0195: Frontal Torso Upper NEGATIVE reversal from original CPP Negative (F Tu N) (notches in film) [see 38 as possibly the original CPP Negative]
38 (a & b) Face and Chest POSITIVE original Negative CPP of Shroud of Turin 1978 (Fa Ch P) excellent. (notches in film) Digitally copied at different shutter speeds. [see 22 F Tu N_0195 as possible reversal of this photo]
Film no. Shutter Speed  AP
38a Fa Ch P_0170  0.4  8
38b Fa Ch P_0171  0.5  8 (Most similar to original)
39 Fa Ch N_0191: Face and Chest NEGATIVE (Fa Ch N)
40 Fa Tu N_0192: Face and Torso upper NEGATIVE (Fa Tu N) (notches in film))
42 Fa Ch P_0196: Face and Chest POSITIVE (Fa Ch P)
43 Fa Ch N_0198: Face and Chest NEGATIVE (Fa Ch N)
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14 F Tu N_0185

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15 F Tu P_0187

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16 F Tu N_0188

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17 F Tu P O_0189

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18 F Tu P O_0190

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22 F Tu N_0195

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38a Fa Ch P_0170

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38b Fa Ch P_0171

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39 Fa Ch N_0191

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40 Fa Tu N_0192

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42 Fa Ch P_0196

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43 Fa Ch N_0198

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