Photo Descriptions
(Full Image, Negative) Observe the two fine lines that separate most of these full images into three parts.
7 Fui N_0356: Full image NEGATIVE 2.9 sec darker (Fui N) (notches in film)
12 Fui N M_0370: Full image NEGATIVE [p. 2] (Fui N M) composed of three sections TRI-X copy of Poly RC MOSAIC. (notches in film)
13 Fui N M_0372: Full image NEGATIVE (Fui N M) TRI-X copies of Mosaic 047 [p. 8] f/16 at 1 sec (2.9 fpm Gamma .95) (notches in film)
14 Fui N M_0373: Full image NEGATIVE TRI-X copies of Mosaic 048 f/16.5 at 1 sec (Fui N M) (2.9 f pm Gamma .95) (notches in film)
20 Fui N_0380: Full image NEGATIVE Shroud copy of TRI-X Blue Negative lit with diffusion flat behind 2.5 fpm (Fui N) [p. 4] (notches in film)
21 Fui N_0381: Full image NEGATIVE with a grid (Fui N) [p. 4](notches in film)
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