Photo Descriptions
Blood Marks

1a 2-6 Bl 32X_0096: Slide 2-6 Blood lance, blood, [D15 location] (refers to master reference mosaic) 32X magnification (1a 2-6 Bl 32X)
1c 2-24 Bl 6X_0098: Slide 2-24 Blood [D15 location] 6.3X magnification (1c 2-24 Bl 6X)
1l 4-11 I Bl 6X_0120: Slide 4-11 Image/Blood [D1-2 location] 6X magnification (1l 4-11 I Bl 6X)
1q 6-4 Bl 54X_0130: Slide 6-4 Blood [C8 location] 54X magnification (1q 6-4 Bl 54X)
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