Photo Descriptions
Water Marks

1g 3-33 Wa 6X_0105: Slide 3-33 H2O Water [E3 location] 6.3X magnification (1g 3-33 Wa 6X)
1h 8-28 Wa 32X_0107: Slide 3-28 H2O Water [E3 location] 32X magnification (1h 3-28 Wa 32X)
1p 6-30 Wa 14X_0128: Slide 6-30 H2O Water [A-B5 location] 14X magnification (1p 6-30 Wa 14X)
1q 6-28_0550: Copy 6-28 is a 4 x 5 color transparency of slide 6-28 The following is the description for mcg. 1o: {1o 6-28 Wa 14X_0126: Slide 6-28 H2O Water [A-B5 location] 14X magnification (1o 6-28 Wa 14X)} Note: The copy is the better photo; there is too much yellow in the slide.
1r 6-23 Wa 50X_0131: Slide 6-23 H2O Water [A5 location] 50X magnification (1r 6-23 Wa 50X)
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