The Site of Vernon D. Miller’s 1978 Photographs of the Shroud of Turin

Section 3: Color Transparency Micrographs – 35 mm film

For photo location within the Shroud, see grid in tab below.

Section three contains 26 photos including the descriptive photo and grid for location.

These 35 mm color micrographs (slides) taken of the Shroud, range from 6X magnification to 64X magnification. They show blood marks, body image, scorch marks, burn marks, water marks, wax, and clear cloth of the Shroud. They are unique to this collection. Most important, they show what cannot be seen by the human eye, allowing a scientific observation of the image at the microscopic level. It is only from this microscopic view that the intricacy of the image on cloth can be best observed and understood. Micrograph Image 108 in section 3C taken at 64X magnification shows image and non-image fibers in great detail. In this photo Vernon clearly documented the basic building blocks that make up the image. This photo may be one of the most important micrographs in this section. It is located in group c, Body Image.

Also included are four color transparencies 4 x 5 which are copies of some of the 35 mm micrographs. Two copies no longer have an accompanying 35 mm slide. Two other copies are included because they are better than the available 35 mm slides.

The Grid for Location is a photo of the Shroud cloth which is covered by a grid of squares. The location of marks on the Shroud can be found using the Grid, which includes numbers 1 through 22 on the horizontal and letters A through F on the vertical. The letters and numbers colored in red found under Image Details correspond to a specific location on the Grid. These are found in two places: section 3 Colored Transparencies, micrograph 35mm film and section 6 Colored Transparencies, ultraviolet light 4×5. See photo: 007.

For easier access, the Descriptive Photo and the Grid for Location are also found within some of the sections of the photo collection.

Man of the Shroud grid image


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