The Site of Vernon D. Miller’s 1978 Photographs of the Shroud of Turin

1) Black and White Film 4 x 5 (section one)

a) Descriptive Photo
b) Full Image, Negative
c) Face & Chest, Positive & Negative
d) Matched Three Piece Full Image (Mosaic), Positive & Negative
e) Face and Hair, Positive and Negative
f) Face and Eyes, Positive and Negative

2) Black and White Films 8 x 10 (section two)

a) Descriptive Photo
b) Full Image, Positive & Negative 
c) Full Image Edge Enhanced, Positive & Negative
d) Face & Chest, Positive & Negative
e) Matched Three Piece Full Images (Mosaic), Positive & Negative
f) Unmatched Images, Positive & Negative
g) Frontal Image, Positive & Negative

3) Color Transparency Micrographs 35 mm film – slides (section three) 

a) Grid for Location
b) Blood Marks 
c) Body Image 
d) Scorch Marks
e) Burn Mark
f) Water Marks
g) Wax Mark
h) Clear Cloth

4) Color Transparencies 4 x 5 (section four)

a) Descriptive Photo
b) Frontal and Dorsal Upper Body
c) Face and Chest

5) Color Transparencies 8 x 10 (section five)

a) Descriptive Photo
b) Full Image
c) Frontal Dorsal Upper Body
d) Frontal Lower Body
e) Dorsal Lower Body
f) Face Using a Color Technique from Jet Propulsion Laboratory

6) Color Transparencies Ultraviolet (UV) Light 4 x 5 (section six)

a) Grid for Location
b) Ultraviolet light photos taken at burn areas at f/22 at 8 seconds
c) Ultraviolet light photos taken at blood, image, water, burn marks… 
d) Ultraviolet light photos taken at burn marks at f/22 at 8 seconds
e) Ultraviolet light photos taken at burn marks
f) Ultraviolet light photos taken at blood marks
g) Ultraviolet light photos taken at burn and blood marks
h) Ultraviolet light photos taken at blood, image, burn and…
i) Black and White film taken under UV light for the purpose of studying blood marks and exudates…

7) Color Films from Color Negatives 8 x 10 (section seven)

a) Descriptive Photo
b) Frontal Dorsal Upper Body
c) Frontal Lower Body
d) Dorsal Lower Body
e) Full Image

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